PBL Reflection: Am I doing this right?

By Breanna Morsadi

10 Reflective Questions for PBL

1. How are you finding personal meaning and value in your work?

2. Are you persisting in your work even though a lower standard might be negotiated? How are you adapting your expectations throughout?

3. How are you volunteering your own resources (like time, effort, and attention)?

4. Are you asking your peers questions? How does this feedback loop help your development?

5. Are you finding information independently? How are you becoming more independent in your learning?

6. Are you uncomfortable learning things in a new way? How are you pushing back? (Believe it or not, this is a good sign!)

7. How are you making choices about your products or processes as you learn?

8. Are you learning while doing instead of learning first THEN doing? What is the result?

9. How are you taking responsibility in your learning?

10. How are you celebrating your learning and sharing it with others?

Transactional learning is a thing of the past. By understanding the benefits of PBL and actively self-reflecting, students will start to take full ownership of their own learning. These questions serve to spark further self-exploration and should guide students throughout their learning journey. John Dewey reminds us that reflection in a learning context is not just a passive recall of an event, but a deliberate and active process. He states, “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” It’s time students recognize what’s at stake.

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