Negative correlation proves students associate the difficulty of active learning with feelings of learning less

By Breanna Morsadi

Extensive research supports that students in active environments learn more than in passive, lecture based classrooms. Despite these findings, most institutions still follow traditional teaching methods. In addressing why schools remain resistant to active learning, the 2019 PNAS research correlates that while “students in active classrooms learn…

Headrush helps chart and track independent paths of study

By Breanna Morsadi

Article originally published by Community Health Magazine, Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas (ESSDACK), Autumn 2020

Even before the pandemic, rural communities were wrestling with how to expand educational options to students without having access to resources, funding, and additional specialty teachers. …

How PBL in local communities nurtures more empathetic leaders and creative problem-solvers

By Gaia Ines Fassò

Learning is an experience. Social. Emotional. Multi-sensory. It took nothing short of a global pandemic to re-centre the educational discourse around this important premise.

But what kind of experiences foster effective, lasting learning? During the lockdowns, I have been interviewing students around the world about their…


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